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World Sailing publisheScreen Shot 2016-12-21 at 4.29.43 PMs Youth Olympic Games Equipment Limitations for Kiteboarding

World Sailing has published the equipment limitations to the kiteboarding events in the Youth Olympic Games 2018. The formats for all events (including kiteboarding, windsurfing and mixed multihull) will be published in a separate document, however for kiteboarding the format will be downwind slalom / boardercross, with obstacles added to the course depending on the wind strength.

The key equipment limitations are:
Only series production registered equipment (boards and kites)
Only leading edge inflatable kites
Only Twin Tip boards
One hull and four kites (in four size categories) registered per event

The above limitations apply only to the Youth Olympic Games and YOG qualifier events. The class rules including all changes will be published by the end of January.

The full World Sailing Document and the YOG qualification system can be found here:





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